A Poem (rondeau) for Christmas

The promised child, a promised joy,
Joy that will never cloy.
Time transcending,
From everylasting to everlasting.
Miraculously, found in a boy.

Born to Mary and Joseph’s joy,
for the sake of every goy,
God’s purpose intending.
The promised child.

God’s plan to the world deploy,
in a child for all to enjoy.
Our hope, God sustaining,
and uplifting,
in our Lord, Jesus; the boy.
The promised child.

Ivan Yong is an organizational psychologist, engineer, author, and startup angel investor. He is also the Founding Vice President of Solidarity (Social Projects) for the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, Asia, a…

A poem (rondeau) of God’s Grace

I am, I am; your victory,
Wrapped in a glory,
In a cry of a boy,
Bringing joy
to silence your worry.

I am your glory,
Foretold in your story,
Yours to enjoy.
I am, I am.

Drink my mercy,
Never again be thirsty.
I am your hoy,
Your burden deploy.
For you are worthy.
I am, I am.

Brief Note

Know that you do not need to go into the world alone. For you child of God, starts your journey from glory.

Ivan Yong is an organizational psychologist, engineer, author, and startup angel…

A Poem (Rondeau) for Easter

Watching over me, my father,
Under His wings, I gather,
My Heavenly Father.

My heart searches no further,
From yonder,
I am loved.
Watching over me.

Traverse not farther,
Say my Father,
”My beloved,
Be satisfied, be delighted,
I am your comforter.”
My Heavenly Father.

Brief Note

May you find comfort this Easter that our Father in Heaven watches over you all the time. And He has given us the very best, Jesus, for our sake.

I hope you can find some comfort in my poem above.

My preferred style of poem is the above, a rondeau: a medieval and…

A Poem (rondeau) for the self-doubters

Time to rise, for eternity,
Is calling from proximity.
The call once loud,
and proud,
is now lacking in bravery.

Once, eternity was infinity,
Now, ephemerality.
Time to rise.

Obsequious conformity,
Fearful complicity.
To our fear, we bowed.
Never again, we vowed.
For impending is brevity.
Time to rise.

Brief Note

If you have been holding yourself back for fear of being found a “fraud” or better known as having the impostor syndrome, I hope that this poem will motivate you to move ahead with courage.

Be strong and courageous.

Be strong and very courageous.

Our time is but the width…

Thank you Ross for your time. I really appreaciate it.

Here goes,

(1) What would be considered to be a good enough author platform that will entice the publisher. I have about 6,500 LinkedIN followers where i focus most of my social media activity.

The book that I am intending to write is a sales + persuasion book for all types of working professionals.

(2) The last email correspondence with the editor has been on a positive note. She had worked with me in editing my sample chapter to the minute detail. However that is almost 8 months ago.

She continues to follow my poetry work on my Instagram and recently I have even introduced another author to her and she was appreciative.

What would you advice me to do?

Many thanks,


For 2021, I will endeavour to share from my strengths, my experiences and my learnings on these topics which I find amusing;

  • Persuasion (How to Sell)
  • Possibilities (Innovation, Ideas)
  • People…

A rondeau for turning forty-three

When four meets three, I foresee,
the making of a brand new me.
Bound not by tradition,
but in celebration,
of jubilee.

Like the seagulls by the quay,
panning for the sea,
filled with ambition.
When four meets three.

My heart is full of glee,
and my mind witty.
Given a spirit of revelation,
an eye for imagination,
so I may be, a bel esprit.
When four meets

Ivan Yong is an organizational psychologist, engineer, author, and startup angel investor. He is the Head of Global Social Responsibility Initiative Workgroup for European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), the Founding Vice…

For You I Write.

Reader of One, to you I labour,
to gain your favour,
for you to grace,
the words I trace,
diligently for your savour.

My heart beats a quaver,
yet it did not waver,
to you, it embrace.
Reader of One.

To you I aver,
to never claver.
In your presence, I’ll efface,
to behold your face,
my life saver.
Reader of One.

Brief Note

The year began with thanksgiving. A reader purchased my book, “The Department of Startup. Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One”, read it, highlighted words and shared it on his Facebook.


I am…

Ivan Yong Wei Kit

Author of the book, “Department of Startup, Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One” published by BEP, New York. Say hi @ www.linkedin.com/in/ivanyongweikitnaz

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