The Elixir of Ageless Ageing (Part 1 of 5)

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How do we stay young in an aging world? The answer is perhaps hidden in the knowledge of physics. This piece below is part of a 3,000 words work where I attempt to find the answer to aging through the lens of physics.

A Geometry of Ageing

In life, we neither have control over what causes us to be born nor what causes us to age. However, what we do have control over is the “motion” of our lives.

We can, in most part of our lives, decide the trajectory that it will take and the desired outcome that we would like to have…

A Poem (rondeau) for Christmas

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The promised child, a promised joy,
Joy that will never cloy.
Time transcending,
From everylasting to everlasting.
Miraculously, found in a boy.

Born to Mary and Joseph’s joy,
for the sake of every goy,
God’s purpose intending.
The promised child.

God’s plan to the world deploy,
in a child for all to enjoy.
Our hope, God sustaining,
and uplifting,
in our Lord, Jesus; the boy.
The promised child.

I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the spirit of…

A poem (rondeau) for my dearly departed Father

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Rest my father, rest well,
It’s time for our farewell.
The fight was long,
but you were strong.
You have done well.

Today, I watch the sky swell.
Then the rain fell.
Hard and long.
Rest my father.

Our parting bell,
a reluctant knell.
Of a prolonged
and sorrowful song.
Only time will tell.
Rest my father.

© 2021 Ivan Yong Wei Kit

Brief Note

A personal note to remember my dearly departed father on 23rd June of 2021 after battling cancer for 1.5 years. 3 days after Father’s Day. 1 day before my mother’s birthday.

I do not cease to give…

A Poem of Finding the Elixir to Youth in Physics

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Velocity, a study of motion,
offers a solution,
to ageless ageing.
Where age is agreeing,
with perfection.

For velocity is like a potion,
an elixir in concoction.
Only for the seeing.

Driven by our notion,
to each our portion,
the elixir of infinite living,
unhidden and unforgiving,
in formulation.

© 2021 Ivan Yong Wei Kit

Brief Note

This poem or rondeau is a summation of 3,000 words work whereby I attempt to find the answer to ageless ageing from the lens of physics.

If you are keen to read that…

How to stay young (Part 2 of 5)

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Velocity: The Elixir of Youth. This is the second part of a five-part series, in which I attempt to search for the answer to youth through the lens of Physics.

Hope in Motion

Velocity can be reduced by either shortening the displacement of an object or prolonging the duration of time required for the displacement.

Thus, if we view the displacement of an object as the elevation of hope from a lowly position to having high hope, and the function of time as the duration we take to achieve that, ageing can be decelerated by reducing “velocity”.

This is achieved…

A poem (rondeau) of God’s Grace

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I am, I am; your victory,
Wrapped in a glory,
In a cry of a boy,
Bringing joy
to silence your worry.

I am your glory,
Foretold in your story,
Yours to enjoy.
I am, I am.

Drink my mercy,
Never again be thirsty.
I am your hoy,
Your burden deploy.
For you are worthy.
I am, I am.

Brief Note

Know that you do not need to go into the world alone. For you child of God, starts your journey from glory.

Ivan Yong is an organizational psychologist, engineer, author, and startup angel…

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A poem for those paralyzed by impostor syndrome

A Poem (Rondeau) for Easter

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Watching over me, my father,
Under His wings, I gather,
My Heavenly Father.

My heart searches no further,
From yonder,
I am loved.
Watching over me.

Traverse not farther,
Say my Father,
”My beloved,
Be satisfied, be delighted,
I am your comforter.”
My Heavenly Father.

Brief Note

May you find comfort this Easter that our Father in Heaven watches over you all the time. And He has given us the very best, Jesus, for our sake.

I hope you can find some comfort in my poem above.

My preferred style of poem is the above, a rondeau: a medieval and…

A Poem (rondeau) for the self-doubters

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Time to rise, for eternity,
Is calling from proximity.
The call once loud,
and proud,
is now lacking in bravery.

Once, eternity was infinity,
Now, ephemerality.
Time to rise.

Obsequious conformity,
Fearful complicity.
To our fear, we bowed.
Never again, we vowed.
For impending is brevity.
Time to rise.

Brief Note

If you have been holding yourself back for fear of being found a “fraud” or better known as having the impostor syndrome, I hope that this poem will motivate you to move ahead with courage.

Be strong and courageous.

Be strong and very courageous.

Our time is but the width…

Ivan Yong Wei Kit

Author of the book, “Department of Startup, Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One” published by BEP, New York. Be amused @

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